*Quaker Oats Bread, June 10
Add two cups boiling water to one cup Quaker Rolled Oats and let stand one hour; add one-half cup molasses, one-half tablespoon salt, one-half yeast cake dissolved in one-half cup lukewarm water, and four and three-fourths cups flour; let rise, beat thoroughly, turn into buttered bread pans, let rise again, and bake.

*Quick Dinner Biscuits, May 16
July 11, September 12, October 20
Mix and sift one and one-half cups pastry flour, three and one-half teaspoons baking powder, and three-fourths teaspoon salt. Work in three tablespoons lard, using tips of fingers; then add one-third cup milk and one-third cup water, mixing quickly. Drop by spoonfuls into buttered, hot iron gem pans and baking in a hot oven fifteen minutes.

*Quick Nut Bread, July 13
Mix and sift two cups bread flour, one-half cup sugar, four teaspoons baking powder, and one teaspoon salt. Work in three tablespoons butter and two tablespoons lard; then one egg and yolk of one egg well beaten, one cup milk, and one-half cup English walnut meats, broken in pieces. Beat thoroughly and turn into a buttered bread pan. let stand twenty minutes, then bake in a moderate oven.