Hello! I’m Mina Murray, a lover of historic cookery and culinary research.

My doting partner gifted me with this complete set of daily menus and recipe cards for 1914 from Fannie Farmer, the pioneering cookbook author. Each card has a complete menu and one recipe. I posted the cards on the appropriate day for all of 2022.

Big thanks to Betty Blaize for the use of her scanner. It sped up the process of digitizing these cards immensely.

The recipes on the cards are marked with an asterisk on the menu and in the recipe sections I created. The other recipes are in Fannie Farmer’s various cookbooks. If I could find a recipe, I’ve linked to it. I haven’t found every recipe on all the menus at publication time, but I will update when I can.

I used editions that were available when the card set was sold. Recipes came from primarily 
The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book (1912)
but also
A New Book of Cookery: Eight Hundred and Sixty Recipes, Covering the Whole Range of Cookery 
A book of good dinners for my friend; or, “What to have for dinner”

Each recipes notes which cookbook it came from and the page number and the date or dates on which in was included in a menu.

Sometimes, especially in The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, there is more than one recipe for a dish (Cream Sauce I, Cream Sauce II). If the menu doesn’t specify which one, I’ve provided all and the reader can choose which one they prefer to make.

I have cooked some of the featured recipes and made videos of the process and tasting. You can see them on the following days:
January 1, Pineapple Cream
February 3, Fried Salt Pork, Country Style
February 7, Boston Brown Bread
February 19, Frangipan Cream Pie
March 19, Florentine Eggs
March 26, Browned Cheese Crackers
April 27, Creamed Mushrooms on Toast
May 7, Miss Daniel’s Meat Loaf
June 14, Lenox Strawberries
July 16, Creamed Fish in Scallop Shells
August 1, Peach Fritters
September 1, Devilled Tomatoes
October 5, Scrub Potatoes
November 28, Irish Moss Blanc Mange
December 4, Souffléd Crackers and Crisp Crackers
December 31, Frozen Tomato Salad

Or go to the full playlist on YouTube.

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