Yellow Sauce, The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, p. 407
October 5, October 12
Yellow Sauce I
2 eggs                1 teaspoon vanilla or
1 cup sugar        1/2 teaspoon vanilla and
                     1 teaspoon brandy
Beat eggs until very light, add sugar gradually and continue beating; then flavor.

Yellow Sauce II
2 eggs         1 cup powdered sugar
               3 tablespoons wine
Beat yolks of eggs until thick, add one-half the sugar gradually; beat whites of eggs until stiff, add gradually remaining sugar; combine mixtures, and add wine.

*Yorkshire Pudding, November 1
February 1, March 8
Mix one-fourth teaspoon salt and one cup flour, and add one cup milk gradually to form a smooth paste; then add two eggs beaten until very light. Cover bottom of hot pan with some of beef fat tried out from roast, pour mixture in in pan one-half inch deep, Bake twenty minutes in hot oven, basting, after well risen, with some of the fat from pan in which meat is roasting. Cut in squares for serving.