In 1914 March 18 was a Wednesday. As usual for the day after a special menu, we get the recipe for the day before and no menu for the day itself.

The Irish Iceberg is a renaming of “Icebergs” on page 437 of The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book. I’m not sure how well lemon and mint go together…
“Leaf green” is a food coloring. In her recipe for Crême de Menthe Ice, just above in the cook book, she specifically calls for Burnett’s. Joseph Burnett was a Boston chemist who developed a line of extracts, perfumes and other toiletries, and food colorings.

Crême de Menthe was invented in 1885 by chemist Émile Giffard in Angers, France. The original liqueur was clear. A couple of years later he developed the green version.

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