Jellied Prunes, March 13
Pick over, wash, and soak one-third pound prunes in two cups cold water, and cook in same water until soft; remove prunes, stone, and cut in quarters. To prune water add enough boiling water to make two cups. Soak two and one-half tablespoons granulated gelatine in half-cup cold water, dissolve in hot liquid, add one cup sugar, one-fourth cup lemon juice, then strain, add prunes, mould, and chill. Stir twice while cooling to prevent prunes from settling. 

*Jellied Vegetable Ring, August 4
July 22
Soak one tablespoon granulated gelatine in one-fourth cup cold water, and dissolve in one cup boiling water; add one-fourth cup, each, sugar and vinegar, two tablespoons lemon juice, and one teaspoon salt. Strain, cool, and when beginning to stiffen, add one and one-half cups finely shredded cabbage, one-half cup small cucumber cubes, and one and one-half canned pimientoes cut in pieces. Turn into a ring mould.

Jellied Walnuts, The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, p. 421
January 27
1/4 box gelatine or                       1/3 cup boiled water
1 tablespoon granulated             3/4 cup sugar
gelatine                                         1/2 cup Sherry wine
1/4 cup cold water                        1/2 cup orange juice
                                   3 tablespoons lemon juice
Make same as other jellies and cover bottom of shallow pan with one-half the mixture. When nearly firm, place over it, one inch apart, halves of English walnuts. Cover with remaining mixture. Chill, and cut in squares. Serve with whipped cream sweetened and flavored.

*Joplin Tomato Salad, August 6
Wipe and skin six tomatoes. Cut a piece from stem end of each and scrape out soft inside. Mash half a cream cheese and add six chopped pimolas, one tablespoon finely chopped parsley, one tablespoon tomato pulp, and one fourth teaspoon dry mustard, and moisten with French dressing. Fill tomatoes with mixture, arrange in nests of crisp lettuce leaves, and serve with mayonnaise dressing.

Julienne Soup, The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, p. 116
January 26, February 7, March 23, April 7, April 24, August 2, September 10, December 7
To one quart clear Brown Soup Stock, add one-fourth cup each carrot and turnip, cut in thin strips one and one-half inches long, previously cooked in boiling salted water, and two tablespoons, each, cooked peas and string beans. Heat to boiling-point.