Julienne Soup
Souffléd Crackers
Salt Codfish Balls
Cole Slaw
*Boston Brown Bread
Charlotte Russe

In 1914 February 7 was a Saturday.

I tried making Boston Brown Bread!
Boston Brown Bread complete

It’s not the usual cylinder, because I didn’t have a brown bread mold, nor any of the other traditional items for shaping – a melon mold, a one-pound baking powder can, a five-pound lard can, or even the modern coffee can. I really need to up my mold game. That’s what the bread looks like when steamed in a pudding basin.

You can see the process and a taste test in the video below.

It’s a bit different from the kind you can get in a can.

M2This project is supported by my Patrons on Patreon and donations from other enthusiasts of historic cookery. With your help I can acquire the unusual ingredients and equipment and do the research needed to continue my culinary adventures. Thank you so much!

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