Creamed Oysters with Celery
Imperial Sticks
Boston Baked Beans
Mustard Pickles
Boston  Brown Bread
*Washington Pie

In 1914 January 30 was a Friday. Guess what? Fish again! That’s every Friday for a month. Let’s see what February holds…

I couldn’t find a specific recipe for Creamed Oysters with Celery. I would use the linked recipe and use sliced celery instead of the optional mushrooms.

Whenever Imperial Sticks come up on these menus I’m asked “Like the margarine?” In fact, they’re more like large croutons, made from buttered, toasted stale bread.

Like its probable descendent Boston Cream Pie, Washington Pie is not pie, but two layers of  cake with a filling — in this case, jam.

How unusual! The menu calls for Coffee instead of the more frequent Café Noir

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