Steamed Halibut, *Shrimp Sauce
Riced Potatoes
Green Corn
Hindu Salad
Graham Sandwiches
Sliced Peaches with Cream
Election Cake

In 1914 July 31 was a Friday. Which is why there is fish on the menu.

There’s not a lot of internal consistency between the cards and the cookbooks or even within the books. In the 1912 edition of The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, published one year before these cards were released, today’s salad is spelled “Hindoo”.  Why it would be named that is an additional mystery. Also, the Election Cake is to be served with Boiled Milk Frosting. There is no such recipe in the cookbook. There is, however,  a Milk Frosting, which is prepared by boiling.

Steaming does not appear as an option in Ways of Cooking Fish (The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, p.160), however the recipe for Steamed Halibut, Silesian Sauce tells us: Steam by cooking over boiling water a piece of halibut weighing two pounds.

Graham Sandwiches are presumably sandwiches on Graham bread (a whole wheat bread), but I can’t find a recipe to tell me what the filing is.

Election Cake is a very old style of cake, as it’s yeast-raised and full of dried fruit. I’ve seen English recipes like this in 16th century cookbooks. In America, this cake goes back to the 18th century, with the first published recipe by  Amelia Simmons. Elections were an occasion to be celebrated in the United States and these cakes were baked in huge sizes. Fannie’s version seems more modest.

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