Caviare Canapés
Rump Beef Roast, Brown Gravy
Creamed Potatoes
Glazed Silver Skins
Lettuce and Radish Salad
Peanut Brown Bread Sandwiches
*Canton Cream
Raised Loaf Cake
Café Noir

In 1914 January 18 was a Sunday.

Silver skins are another name for pearl onions — small onions often creamed or pickled.

Canton ginger is ginger preserved in syrup. The Canton Cream  uses both the ginger and its syrup.

The Raised Loaf Cake is made with bread sponge, a mixture of yeast, liquid, and flour that’s allowed to ferment before the rest of the bread ingredients are added.

M2This project is supported by my Patrons on Patreon and donations from other enthusiasts of historic cookery. With your help I can acquire the unusual ingredients and equipment and do the research needed to continue my culinary adventures. Thank you so much!

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