Celery Soup
Dinner Biscuits
Boiled Halibut, *Huntington Sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Tomato Soufflé
Fig Custard
Café Noir

In 1914 January 16 was a Friday. Fish again!

I am guessing the Huntington Sauce is in honor of Ralph Huntington, who was instrumental in the creation of Back Bay (for those not local, it’s a neighborhood that was built the 19th century on what was once a tidal bay) and for whom Huntington Avenue was named.

Perhaps today’s Mashed Potatoes are made from leftovers from yesterday’s Riced Potatoes.

M2This project is supported by my Patrons on Patreon and donations from other enthusiasts of historic cookery. With your help I can acquire the unusual ingredients and equipment and do the research needed to continue my culinary adventures. Thank you so much!

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