Clam Bisque
*French Fried Potatoes
Baked Macaroni, Tomato Sauce
Moulded Spinach, Egg Garnish
Dressed Lettuce
Cheese Croquettes
Apple Pie

In 1914 February 25 was a Wednesday. It’s also Ash Wednesday, which may be why it’s a meatless menu.

For a simple dish, that macaroni involves consulting a number of recipes. You’re supposed to cook it like Baked Macaroni, but with tomato sauce. The Baked Macaroni  recipe tells you to start with Macaroni with White Sauce. Going to that recipe sends you to Boiled Macaroni.

M2This project is supported by my Patrons on Patreon and donations from other enthusiasts of historic cookery. With your help I can acquire the unusual ingredients and equipment and do the research needed to continue my culinary adventures. Thank you so much!

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