Kornlet Soup
Fried Fillets of Flounder
Shadow Potatoes
Creamed Cauliflower
Dressed Lettuce
*Horseradish Sandwiches
Sterling Fruit Pudding, Wine Sauce

In 1914 October 23 was a Friday.

Kornlet ad 1907Kornlet was “a canned extract of green corn”, according to their patent application. It sounds like a can of evaporated milk, only corn-flavored. The Haserot Canneries took the pulp and milk of the corn, discarding the hull, and then cooked it down until it was concentrated.

It sounds like it would make an easy soup, and there’s a recipe in the 1907 ad to the right. However, since Fannie Farmer’s recipe above calls for the canned kornlet to be cooked in water and then rubbed through a sieve, I would expect something a little more substantial, like actual corn kernels.

This has nothing to do with Kornlet, or even food at all, but I think it’s cool, nonetheless. The Haserot family plot in Cleveland is marked with the statue of an angel who appears to be weeping black tears.

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