Horn of Plenty Canapés
Pimiento Consommé
Bread Sticks
Roast Goose
Spiced Apple Sauce
Potatoes in Half Shells
Cauliflower, Hongroise
Grape Fruit Salad
*English Plum Pudding, Brandy Sauce
Coupe St. Jacques
Christmas Cakes
Salted Almonds
Café Noir

In 1914 December 25 was a Friday. It’s Christmas!

The only recipe I found for Pimiento Consommé is iced, but presumably you could served it warm too.

I haven’t found a recipe for Cauliflower, Hongroise, but maybe make the sauce for Hongroise Potatoes and serve it over the cauliflower.

Christmas cakes are baked in a golden-rod cake pan, which results in a triangular cake.Golden Rod cake panThe cakes are cut cross-wise, decorated with green frosting leaves and red candies to look like Christmas trees. The cake batter is Newport Poundcake, which is the same as New York Gingerbread with vanilla instead of ginger. It’s been a while since I went on a recipe chase like that.

M2This project is supported by my Patrons on Patreon and donations from other enthusiasts of historic cookery. With your help I can acquire the unusual ingredients and equipment and do the research needed to continue my culinary adventures. Thank you so much!

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