Canapés à la Rector
Consommé Julienne
Pulled Bread
Salted Almonds
Halibut au Lit
Dressed Cucumbers
*Shapleigh Timbales
Saddle of Mutton
Fried Potato Balls
French Peas
Lakewood Salad
Mosaic Sandwiches
Cadillac Coupe
Rolled Nut Wafers
Wheat Crisps
Roquefort Cheese
Café Noir

In 1914 October 14 was a Wednesday.

I’m guessing Consommé Julienne is Julienne Soup with consommé instead of stock.

Rector’s was a restaurant on Broadway in Manhattan, very famous in the nineteen-teens. Presumably they made canapés like this.

Despite how fancy French Peas sounds, it’s just canned peas reheated in butter. Unless they meant Peas à la Francaise.

The recipe for Cadillac Coupe vexes me. I can’t find it anywhere and it’s not obvious what it is, other than a dessert served in a coupe glass. Searching for “cadillac coupe”  on-line is not helpful

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